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June 2020Vol. 21, No. 5Resource Family Tip Sheet for Supporting Reunification

Resource Family Tip Sheet for Supporting Reunification (PDF - 243 KB), by the American Bar Association Center on Children and the Law, offers insights and tips from resource families on the importance of respecting birth parents and being compassionate to their situations, encouraging visitation and regular contact between birth parents and their children, communicating with the family regularly, and remembering that safe reunification is the best and most sought-after outcome to foster care.

The tip sheet encourages resource parents to do the following:

  • Let families know they support their goal of reunification
  • Advocate for increased visitation between children and their families by helping with transportation, assisting children with phone calls and video chats, and inviting parents to community events where they can visit with their children in an environment that allows them to act like a family and do family activities
  • Learn more about parents by asking them about their lives
  • Involve parents in school meetings and functions