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May 2020Vol. 21, No. 4Letter of Thanks to the Child Welfare Workforce

Dear Colleagues in the Child Welfare Workforce,
I am writing to acknowledge the incredible work you are doing under conditions of unparalleled difficulty and to offer my sincere thanks for your ongoing efforts to help meet the needs of some of our country's most vulnerable families and children during this crisis and every day. I appreciate that many of you are dealing with significant challenges in your personal lives, as you seek to balance responsibilities and adjust the way we do our work during these challenging times. I am also mindful that some of you have been affected directly by the virus in your personal and family lives. Please know our thoughts at the Children's Bureau are with you, your families, and your friends. 
Your work is more important now than ever, and it is making a difference in the lives of children and families. People who care about other people come through when they are needed most, and I'm hearing remarkable stories of child welfare directors, investigators, social workers, attorneys, judges, service providers, resource families, and others going the extra mile during this time of need—demonstrating unparalleled generosity and creativity. I am also reminded by many in the field every day that the challenges you are facing are enormous.
We are doing, and will continue to do, everything we can at the federal level to make sure you have the tools and resources to serve children and families in the most effective ways while staying safe and healthy yourselves, now and in the future.     
I could not be more inspired or encouraged by the responses all of you have helped make possible since the public health crisis began. I believe we can come out of these uncertain times with important learning and adaptations that will benefit families for years to come.
Thank you for all that you do for children and families.
Stay well,