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February 2021Vol. 22, No. 2Families Thrive Training

The Families Thrive training is intended for child welfare professionals working to implement the tenets of the Family First Prevention Services Act, which aims to reduce the need for foster care by substantially redirecting funds to programs and services that strengthen parents' capacity to safely care for their children at home. The training combines aspects of the Center for the Study of Social Policy's Youth Thrive and Strengthening Families trainings and is based on the protective and promotive factors. However, unlike Youth Thrive and Strengthening Families, it extends the focus from infancy to young adulthood to address the entire lifecycle of families.

Families Thrive is a 4-day intensive course that devotes one session to each of the protective and promotive factors and teaches practical techniques for applying the framework in programs, practices, and communities. The training is based on five premises that reflect what adults need to do to promote the long-term well-being of the children in their care:

  • Understand current research on neuroscience and adolescent development and its implications for working with young people
  • Understand the impact of traumatic stress on young people and which relationship skills will reduce that impact
  • Recognize relationships as a primary source of growth and learning for young people
  • Provide culturally appropriate services that draw on the strengths of the young person's culture
  • Assess and modify your own beliefs and practices and take care of yourself during difficult times

Visit the Youth in Focus website to learn more.