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November 2021Vol. 22, No. 10Adoption Options for Members of the Military

The National Council for Adoption (NCFA) held a recent training webinar, "Adoption Options for Members of the Military," geared toward prospective adoptive parents in the military and adoption professionals. The 60-minute webinar discusses the misconception that the nature of military life is not conducive to adoption and explains that military families can provide loving, stable, and permanent homes to waiting children and youth.

The webinar was lead by Elise Lowe from NCFA and Kristine Altwies, L.M.F.T, from A Family Tree. It delves into considerations for military families for the adoption process, including information about obtaining clearances, the home study process, working with the placing entity (whether it be a foreign government or child welfare agency), managing moves and deployments, supporting attachment when one parent will be the primary caretaker, and more. The training also discusses factors that equip military families for adoption, such as their familiarity with paperwork and navigating bureaucracy and ambiguity, their experience with transitions, access to health-care benefits, and ability to build a support system outside of the nuclear family. 

After viewing the training webinar, participants are invited to complete an assessment and course evaluation. If participants achieve at least an 80-percent score on the assessment, they will receive a certificate for 1 continuing education hour. 

To learn more or take the training, visit the "Adoption Option for Members of the Military" webpage.