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February 2022Vol. 23., No. 1Integrating Adolescent Brain Development Into Child Welfare Practice

The National Association of Social Workers has a collection of resources and materials designed to help professionals integrate adolescent brain development into child welfare practice. The curriculum, Integrating Adolescent Brain Development into Child Welfare Practice With Older Youth Curriculum, Other Materials, is an in-service training intended for child welfare workers who have already received their core training; however, some parts of the curriculum may be applicable for core training, especially for agencies that specifically work with older youth in or transitioning out of care. The training may also supplement courses on child welfare practice, working with adolescents, human behavior, and the social environment.

The 2-day curriculum includes 13 modules as well as accompanying handouts and PowerPoint slides. Throughout the course, participants engage in role play, large- and small-group discussions, working with partners, and spending time on self-reflection. It also includes downloadable links to audio and video files that pair with certain modules. 

To learn more about the curriculum, visit Integrating Adolescent Brain Development Into Child Welfare Practice With Older Youth Curriculum, Other Materials.