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February 2022Vol. 23, No. 1Series Addresses Structural Racism Through Equitable Policymaking for Black Families

Black families bear the brunt of the negative effects of the systemic and structural racism that exists within many U.S. systems. These disadvantages hinder their well-being and prosperity and contribute to economic disparity that is further exasperated by the impact of COVID-19. A series of issue briefs from ChildTrends provides information and recommendations for policymakers, researchers, practitioners, and others interested in supporting Black families and children. The information in these three briefs can be used in developing policies that protect and support Black families.

The first brief presents data on the family structure, employment, and geographic location of Black families with young children as well as contextual factors that have shaped their experiences. It acts as a foundation for the rest of the series by providing the necessary historical and current context to better understand the situation. The second brief draws on data from the first brief to present potential policy strategies that support Black families' access to education and early childhood care. The last brief explores the impact of COVID-19 on housing stability for Black families, who were already at a disadvantage due to the legacy of discriminatory housing policies.

Access the Addressing Structural Racism Through Equitable Policy Making for Black Families series to view the three briefs.