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July/August 2022Vol. 23, No. 6Factsheet Helps Youth in Care Learn to Self-Advocate

A factsheet from Child Welfare Information Gateway seeks to empower youth involved in the child welfare system to speak up about their feelings, wants and needs, questions and concerns, and aspirations. In doing so, youth can play an active role in the conversations and decision-making that directly affect them.

The publication, Using Your Voice: A Guide for Youth on Participating in Case Planning, answers and expands upon the following questions:

  • What is youth engagement?
  • What is case planning?
  • How can you participate in case planning?
  • What are your rights as a youth in care?
  • How can you become involved in advocacy efforts to elevate youth voice in child welfare?
Information is presented in easy-to-follow sections that utilize color, call-out boxes, bulleted lists, and visuals. A variety of hyperlinks throughout the guide and a listing of resources at the end also connect readers to supplemental information and helpful organizations. 

To learn more, read Using Your Voice: A Guide for Youth on Participating in Case Planning on the Information Gateway website.