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October 2022Vol. 23, No. 8Child and Family Services Reviews Round 4 Resources

Round 4 of the Child and Family Services Reviews (CFSRs) is expected to launch in fiscal year 2023. To prepare states for this process, the CFSR Information Portal has compiled resources and information about planning for, conducting, and participating in the CFSR process; analyzing and understanding the results; and planning for program improvement and continuous quality improvement.

The portal contains information on the CFSR round 4 process; instruments, tools, and guides; statewide data indicators; CFSR technical bulletins; and program improvement planning tools. The site also includes videos and transcripts of round 4 national calls that were hosted by the Children's Bureau in preparation for round 4.

In addition to the CFSR Information Portal, the Children's Bureau has a webpage that provides information on the upcoming round 4 process that includes general information about the CFSR process; guidance for site selection proposals, conducting stakeholder interviews, and onsite reviews; and templates and videos.

To access these CFSR round 4 resources, visit the CFSR Information Portal and the Children's Bureau's information page.