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March 2023Vol. 24, No. 2ConnectSafely Encourages Safe and Responsible Internet Use

ConnectSafely is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people—especially children and youth, parents, and educators—use the internet and other technology safely. Its website contains an abundance of research-based information about online safety, privacy, security, and digital wellness that through tip sheets and guides, news and commentary, podcasts, videos, and more.

Printable quick guides are available for popular social media apps and games and on topics such as internet safety and wellness (e.g., cyberbullying and hate speech, media literacy, security). The quick guides are available in Spanish. A larger selection of full-length parent and educator guides provide more detailed discussions of similar topics.

ConnectSafely produces two podcasts. ConnectSafely Live features guests from education, health care, mental health, and other professions, as well as social media companies, who discuss technology and digital wellness. Media in the Middle is a teen-led podcast that emphasizes youth’s voice and their experiences and challenges living in an internet age. 

For more information, visit the ConnectSafely website.