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May 2023Vol. 24, No. 4Training for Parents and Caregivers on the Healthy Sexuality of Youth in Foster Care

A free, online training from the Family and Youth Services Bureau of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is now available to help parents and caregivers of youth in foster care learn about adolescent sexual health. The purpose of the course, intended for use with youth ages 10 and older, is to help parents feel more comfortable talking with youth about healthy relationships and sexuality and the importance of making safe and healthy decisions about sex.

The course consists of the following 10 modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Exploring Attitudes, Beliefs, and Values
  • Module 3: Puberty and Adolescent Development
  • Module 4: Communicating About Sexuality: Part I
  • Module 5: Healthy Sexuality & Sexual Behavior
  • Module 6: Helping Youth Make Healthy Decisions
  • Module 7: Promoting the Health and Safety of Youth
  • Module 8: Sex Trafficking
  • Module 9: Communicating About Sexuality: Part II
  • Module 10: Training Review

Supporting documents that link to topically organized lists of related and helpful resources and organizations are also available and include, for example, the Healthy Sexuality for Youth in Foster Care: Tip Sheet discussed in the Resources section of this issue of CBX.

The training, which requires a free account, takes approximately 3 hours to complete; however, it is self-paced and can be done when users have time available. A downloadable certificate of completion is available at the successful conclusion of the course.

This course, “Healthy Sexuality for Youth in Foster Care: An Online Training for Parents and Caregivers of Youth in Foster Care,” was adapted from a program developed by Uhlich Children’s Advantage Network and the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.