• September 2009
  • Vol. 10, No. 7

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Using Family Teaming to Achieve Permanence

The rising use of family meeting models (sometimes called family teaming models) that engage youth, families, and others in child welfare planning and decision-making is the focus of the June 2009 issue of Connections Count, a newsletter published by Casey Family Services.

Although many agencies use team-based models, tremendous variations in these models exist. Frequently used teaming models include Family Group Decision Making, Family Team Conferencing, Team Decision Making, and the Permanency Teaming Process.

Differences relate to the purpose and goals of the decision-making process, the timing and frequency of meetings, and the type and level of preparation for meetings. Other variables include who facilitates the process, who participates, and who makes final decisions. In this issue, articles describe the similarities and differences in the models and examine research on the effectiveness of family teaming approaches.

This issue is available online:


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Advocates for Children and Youth has published "Critical Elements for Family Team Decision Making," an issue brief that lists the essential elements of a plan to expand family-centered practice in Maryland, including the need for consistent models of practice and caseworker and supervisor training.

The issue brief is available online:

www.acy.org/upimages/FTDM_Elements.pdf (206 KB)

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