• April 2010
  • Vol. 11, No. 3

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Children's Bureau Discretionary Funding Available

The Children's Bureau's first discretionary grant announcement of FY 2010, released on March 23, 2010, announced the availability of funds for Tribal Title IV-E Plan Development Grants. The deadline for submission of applications is June 21, 2010. Find the full announcement here:

The Children’s Bureau is publishing several separate funding opportunity announcements (FOAs) this year, rather than one consolidated announcement, and is currently forecasting a total of five FOAs in FY 2010. Information about planned FY 2010 FOAs is now available on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Grants Forecast website (select "Advanced Search," then select "Administration on Children and Families"): https://extranet.acf.hhs.gov/hhsgrantsforecast

For general information about Children's Bureau discretionary grants, visit the Programs and Funding Section of the Children's Bureau website: www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/cb/programs_fund/index.htm#disc

For information on specific grants, visit the following websites:

  • Grants.gov (www.grants.gov). Search for Children's Bureau grant opportunities under the Agency Category "Department of Health and Human Services" or under the Funding Activity Category "Social Services and Income Security or Income Security and Social Services." Users also can apply for Children's Bureau discretionary grants online, only through Grants.gov.
  • ACF Grant Opportunities (www.acf.hhs.gov/grants/index.html). Children's Bureau and other Administration for Children and Families (ACF) funding announcements are posted here.

Print copies of funding announcements will not be routinely mailed out but will be sent upon request. To receive print announcements or learn more about the grants process, call the CB Operations Center at 866.796.1591.

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