• November 2010
  • Vol. 11, No. 9

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Making Classroom Assignments More Adoption-Friendly

The September 2010 issue of Adoption Advocate, a publication of the National Council For Adoption, discusses how the classroom can be more adoption-friendly for foster and adopted children. "Back to School: A Guide to Making Schools and School Assignments More Adoption-Friendly," by Christine Mitchell, is designed to help educators become more aware of and sensitive to the needs of children in foster care and children who have been adopted and to help foster and adoptive parents advocate for their school-age children.

The article explains how typical school assignments can turn into a source of distress and discomfort for foster or adopted children and offers alternative assignments that are more inclusive and have a broader scope. Alternatives are suggested for such assignments as "bring a baby picture to class," "complete your family tree," "tell your family history," and "create a timeline of your life." The importance of positive adoption language in the classroom also is emphasized.

Download the full article from the National Council For Adoption website:

www.adoptioncouncil.org/images/stories/NCFA_ADOPTION_ADVOCATE_NO27.pdf (663 KB)


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