• January/February 2001
  • Vol. 2, No. 1

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Evaluating Child Sexual Abuse: Education Manual for Medical Professionals

Botash, A. S. Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, MD. 2000. 256 pp. with a videocassette. $27.50. Spiral Bound.

Designed as a home-based, self-study training program, this workbook is intended to teach medical professionals how to recognize and diagnose child sexual abuse in their clients. In addition to physical examinations, the author stresses the importance of communicating with the children, working well with their families, and coordinating other services for the child. Each of four sections provides learner objectives, study questions, and discussion. The sections cover:

  • Decision points in the evaluation of child sexual abuse
  • The medical history for child sexual abuse
  • The medical examination for child sexual abuse
  • Medical-legal issues in child sexual abuse

While directed toward staff who do sexual abuse evaluation, even the nurse-practitioner and primary care physician, as mandatory reporters, will want to study this guide and keep it handy as a quick reference. A videocassette of case studies is included.

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