• Dec 2011/Jan 2012
  • Vol. 12, No. 9

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Team Decision-Making Toolkit

As part of its ongoing effort to develop model toolkits for implementing child welfare programs, the California Social Work Education Center (CalSWEC) has launched its Team Decision Making (TDM) Implementation Toolkit. The toolkit webpage includes information on TDM and on constructing and maintaining a TDM program.

TDM is designed to improve workers' and agencies' decision-making ability so that children are removed only when necessary for their own safety. It incorporates a strong family engagement component and helps identify appropriate interventions for children and families.

The TDM Implementation Toolkit is comprehensive guide that includes eight sections:

  • Defining the intervention
  • Engagement and communication
  • Planning for implementation
  • Special considerations
  • Training
  • Tools to support staff
  • Coaching/development
  • Evaluation

Other tools include sequencing suggestions that model TDM implementation in 15 steps, beginning with Assessing the Existing Process and ending with Preserving High Standards. Each step is described in terms of what the agency needs to do; supporting documents are included. A webpage of frequently asked questions offers answers to dilemmas about who should be included, timing of meetings, and more.

Find the TDM Implementation Toolkit on the CalSWEC website:


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