• Dec 2011/Jan 2012
  • Vol. 12, No. 9

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Improving Outcomes for Native Families

The California Disproportionality Project has produced the Implementation Toolkit for the American Indian Enhancement (AIE) Project to improve outcomes for American Indian/Alaska Native families and children in the child welfare system by assisting agencies in complying with the Indian Child Welfare Act.

The toolkit provides action steps and guidance on reaching the following outcomes:

  • Reduced entries of American Indian/Alaska Native children into the foster care system
  • Increased reunification of American Indian/Alaska Native families
  • Decreased length of stay of American Indian/Alaska Native children in foster care
  • Decreased time to permanence for American Indian/Alaska Native children  

Seven tool sets provide advice on engagement and communication; assessment; planning; training, coaching and transfer of learning; evaluation; and funding resources. Other toolkit features include a factsheet, talking points for leadership, and a 12-minute video highlighting why workers should ask every child and family receiving services if they have American Indian or Alaska Native heritage. The "Faces" video also provides direction on culturally sensitive ways to inquire about ancestry.

For more information, visit the California AIE Project website:


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