• Dec 2011/Jan 2012
  • Vol. 12, No. 9

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Support for Foster Youth Improves Educational Outcomes

The emotional and physical problems experienced by many youth in foster care, coupled with a lack of information sharing between child welfare systems and school districts, often hinders school performance for these youth. However, when youth receive comprehensive supports, there is a direct and positive impact on educational success.

A special issue of Insights, a newsletter by the California Child Welfare Co-Investment Partnership, looks at factors associated with academic success for youth in foster care in California, highlighting new data systems that link educational outcomes and foster care information. Four strategies for providing comprehensive support to youth are highlighted:

  • Educational champions for youth
  • Collaboration among agencies and systems
  • Focused leadership from agencies
  • On-campus support programs for youth in college

The issue includes recommendations for school administrators, public agencies and community partners, and State policymakers to address the educational needs and improve outcomes for children in care. 

The fall 2011 edition of Insights is available on the California Child Welfare Co-Investment Partnership website:

http://www.co-invest.org/resources/347252_CFPIC_Insights.pdf (6.1 MB)

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