• May 2012
  • Vol. 13 No. 4

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Keeping in Contact With Young Adults

The Northeast Massachusetts Community of Practice released a tip sheet for professionals on staying in contact with young adults via phone text and the Internet. Tips include the following:

  • Have an alternate contact number for youth in case of a phone number or carrier change.
  • Have a texting plan before relying on that form of communication.
  • Be aware of a young adult's cell phone plan and minute allowance.
  • Check your organization's policy on "friending" or following youth on social media.
  • Ask youth how often they check email and if that is an option for communicating important messages.
  • Create a plan for what to do if the youth is unavailable or unresponsive.

The tip sheet also provides advice for youth on staying in contact with service providers, doctors, counselors, and other professionals.

TTYL: Keeping in Contact With Your Professional can be found on the National University of Massachusetts Medical School's website:

http://labs.umassmed.edu/transitionsRTC/Resources/publications/KeepingInContact.pdf  (316 KB)

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