• June 2012
  • Vol. 13, No. 5

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Family Asset Builder

In 2009, Casey Family Programs (Casey) and the American Humane Association (AHA) partnered to develop a new intervention model for cases of chronic child neglect. The model, called the Family Asset Builder (FAB), was implemented in two Minnesota counties in February of 2011. It is a strengths-based, solution-focused approach that calls for chronic neglect workers with small caseloads to maintain frequent and consistent contact with affected families over an 18-month period. Casey recently published a report that summarizes the results from the second phase of the initiative's evaluation. 

The report describes the successes and challenges from the first 9 months of the intervention from the perspective of the staff that were involved with the implementation. The second phase of the evaluation specifically used indepth interviews with the FAB workers and notes from monthly consultation calls. In contrast, the first phase focused on staff training, and the final phase will involve obtaining feedback from the parents who received the intervention.

The workers reported some perceived challenges to the implementation of the program, including concerns over slow referral rates, narrow eligibility criteria, program components overlapping with existing practice, and the need for more concrete tools, specific strategies, and training opportunities to enhance the model. The workers also noted many perceived successes. For instance, the model:

  • Enabled workers to establish better working relationships with families and focus more productively on manageable goals
  • Increased the likelihood that other agency workers would adapt some of the FAB model practices
  • Fostered enthusiasm and consideration of changes across the agency
  • Caused workers to feel pride and be energized by participation in the pilot program
  • Gave workers a sense of accomplishment regarding the program's positive impact on families

Practitioners are using the findings from the evaluation to further inform the development and improvement of the model. The eventual goal is to share the updated model with the field. 

The full report, An Evaluation of the Family Assessment Builder:  A Child Protective Services Intervention for Addressing Chronic Neglect:  Phase II Evaluation, is available on the Casey Family Program's website:

http://www.casey.org/Resources/Publications/pdf/FamilyAssetBuilder2_FR.pdf (1 MB)

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