• June 2012
  • Vol. 13, No. 5

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Well-Being Evaluation Tool

The New Mexico Court Improvement Project website provides a Well-Being Checklist as a part of its Child Protection Best Practices Bulletin series. The goal of the checklist is to stimulate conversation among those involved in a specific child welfare case and provide information that will benefit the well-being and overall health of the child.

The "Well-Being Checklist" is a set of questions intended for child welfare professionals and related professionals working with children and families, ranging from judges and other court staff to caseworkers or CASA volunteers. The bulletin explains how professionals in different roles can use the checklist to best benefit the child. Well-being is defined across seven parameters, and questions are provided for evaluating well-being within each category:

  • Preserving connections
  • Enhancing family capacity to provide for the children
  • Providing services to meet physical health needs
  • Providing services to meet mental health needs
  • Providing services to meet educational and developmental needs
  • Helping older youth transition
  • Evaluating parental substance abuse and treatment

Download the Well-Being Checklist:

http://www.nmcourts.gov/CourtImprovement/best/best_practices_docs/well_being_checklists.pdf (288 KB)

The full list of Child Protection Best Practices Bulletins is available on the New Mexico Court Improvement Project website:


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