• November 2012
  • Vol. 13, No. 10

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Children's Bureau Centennial Update

A number of materials from the Children's Bureau's centennial webinar series have been added to the centennial website. The webinar series, which will run through April 2013, includes four historical and eight topical webinars, each open to the public. New webinar materials include the following: 

  • Presentation slides from the May topical webinar "Racial Disproportionality and Poverty in Child Welfare"
  • Presentation slides from the July topical webinar "Evidence Based Practice and Practice Based Evidence, Is It One or the Other?"
  • Presentation slides from the August historical webinar "The Story of the Children’s Bureau, America in Wartime: 1938–1960"
  • Presentation slides from the September topical webinar "Unannounced Home Visits—Critical Assessment Tool or Barrier to Family Engagement?"
  • A video from the October topical webinar "Formal Education or School of Life? What Are the Best Credentials for the Child Welfare Workforce?"

These materials and more are available on the Children's Bureau's centennial website: 


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