• September 2013
  • Vol. 14, No. 7

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Coming Soon: The Children's Bureau Legacy: Ensuring the Right to Childhood

As part of its centennial celebration, the Children's Bureau researched and produced a history of its first 100 years. The resulting e-book will be released in October and combines compelling text with striking historical images to tell the story of the first Federal agency to focus exclusively on improving the lives of children and families.

The e-book, The Children’s Bureau Legacy: Ensuring the Right to Childhood, will be available for purchase on the Government Printing Office bookstore website for $9.99. A standard PDF version will be available at no cost on the Children's Bureau website.

For a sneak peak at information about the Children's Bureau's history of addressing critical issues affecting children and families, complete with historical photos, video recordings, and an interactive historical timeline, visit the Children's Bureau's centennial website:


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