• September 2013
  • Vol. 14, No. 7

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Webinar: Early Identification of Autism and FAS in Foster Care

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in six children in the United States has a developmental disability. Frontline child welfare staff play an important role in identifying potential disorders in children involved with child welfare. To underscore the importance of early identification, the Children's Bureau and the CDC are sponsoring a webinar on the early identification of developmental disabilities in foster and adoptive homes.

The webinar will focus on the two most common developmental disabilities, autism spectrum disorder and fetal alcohol spectrum (FAS) disorders. Research shows that early identification and intervention for children with these disorders can greatly improve outcomes. Handouts, fliers, checklists, and other useful materials for staff will be made available during the webinar.

"Early Identification of Developmental Disabilities in Foster/Adoptive Homes: Practical Tools and Resources for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders," will be held on September 12, 2:30–4 p.m. Register here:


A recording of the webinar will later be available on the Child Welfare Information Gateway website:


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