• September 2013
  • Vol. 14, No. 7

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Father Involvement in Systems of Care

A father's role in the life of his child can have a deep, long-lasting impact on the child's well-being. However, this important role may not often be emphasized by child-serving systems of care. The Technical Assistance Partnership for Child and Family Mental Health developed a guide for systems and families about the importance of supporting father involvement in services and how to support fathers and families.

The guide offers statistics on the presence and absence of fathers in family life and shares an overview of how a father's presence or absence can affect a child's self-esteem, social development, and risk-taking behaviors. There are many ways for systems of care to support father involvement, and the guide offers suggestions related to internal organizational efforts, outreach and engagement, and programming and training. Issues surrounding fatherhood are explored through different cultural perspectives and the roles of young fathers and grandfathers; fathers in families receiving child welfare services; and gay fathers and fathers of lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender children. Finally, the guide includes a list of national, State, and other resources related to the important role of fathers.

Access A Guide for Father Involvement in Systems of Care here:

http://www.air.org/files/AIR_Fatherhood_Guide_061413.pdf (2 MB)

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