• September 2013
  • Vol. 14, No. 7

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Videos for Law Enforcement on Child Safety

A series of training videos explains how law enforcement can promote child safety and minimize trauma when interacting with children and their parents. Created by New Mexico State University Creative Media Institute to educate officers in New Mexico, these videos offer tips and best practice procedures relevant to law enforcement officers nationwide.

  • Ensuring Child Safety: Upon Parental Arrest—highlights appropriate practices to protect children and identify alternate caregivers when a parent is arrested:
    http://vimeo.com/50412092 (16:28 minutes)
  • Ensuring Child Safety: In Abuse and Neglect Referrals—focuses on situations when a child abuse and neglect referral is needed and emphasizes the importance of collaborative relationships between law enforcement and child protection:
    http://vimeo.com/50412091 (17:53 minutes)
  • Ensuring Child Safety and Minimizing Trauma—addresses lessening the negative impact for children of traumatic situations:
    http://vimeo.com/50412090 (17:56 minutes)

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