• March/April 2001
  • Vol. 2, No. 2

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Child and Family Services Reviews Focus of Teleconference Series

Join the National Child Welfare Resource Center for Organizational Improvement in its teleconference series on the new Federal child and family service reviews. The series features Children's Bureau officials, representatives of States with experience in the review process, and Resource Center technical assistance providers who will discuss each stage of the review process.

The schedule of the series, offered at 2:30 pm EST is as follows:

  • February 8, Child and Family Services--An Overview
  • February 27, Conducting Statewide Assessments
  • March 6, Managing Onsite Reviews
  • March 20, Implementing Program Improvements
  • March 29, Strengthening Adoptive Families: What Works?
  • April 26, Community-based Recruitment of Foster and Adoptive Families
  • May 8, Building Federal Review Features into Ongoing Quality Assurance Systems
  • June 14, Using Data to Support the Federal Review Process
  • Sept. 11, Innovative Approaches to Outcomes Training for Supervisors and Managers
  • Oct. 4, Creating Innovative Partnerships to Drive Resource Development: Hale County's Story
  • Oct. 18, Court/Agency Collaboration
  • Oct. 23, Required Case Reviews: A Tool to Achieve Outcomes
  • Oct. 25, Agency Responsiveness to the Community

The National Child Welfare Teleconference Line brings programs to your office over the telephone. No special equipment is needed, although a speakerphone allows any number of people at the same location to participate for a single registration fee. Costs are 75 percent reimbursable as a training expense under Title IV-E.

The Resource Center's Winter 2001 newsletter, Managing Care, also focuses on the new reviews with a general overview of the process, an interview with Children's Bureau official Jerry Milner, lessons learned from Rhode Island in the pilot review process, and a list of resources to help prepare for the reviews. Access the newsletter online at: http://www.muskie.usm.maine.edu/helpkids/mc.html.

In addition, a new information package on the child and family service reviews is available from the Resource Center. This package provides copies of material used in State/regional office trainings, official documents on the review produced by ACF, and other material on the review process from the Children's Bureau website. It also contains a Handbook on the review process produced by the last pilot review site. Download it at: http://www.muskie.usm.maine.edu/helpkids/rcnews.html.

To register for the teleconference and to order audiotapes of past sessions, the newsletter, or the information package, contact:

National Child Welfare Resource Center for Organizational Improvement
One Post Office Square
PO Box 15010
Portland, ME 04112-5010
Phone: 207-780-5810
Toll-free: 1-800-HELP KID
FAX: 207-780-5817
Website: http://www.muskie.usm.maine.edu/helpkids

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