• November 2013
  • Vol. 14, No. 8

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Talking About Sex With Youth in Care

For most parents and teens, talking about sex can be an uncomfortable but important conversation. For youth in foster care, it is a conversation that may never occur, leaving these young people to learn about sex from their peers. Fostering Media Connections has developed a webpage that includes information about why discussing sex with youth in foster care is important, as well as how to approach the topic.

The webpage includes links to three webisodes, including the following:

  • "Why We Need to Talk," featuring professionals explaining why talking about sex is important
  • "The Sex Talk," featuring young adults who were in foster care discussing how they learned about sex
  • "The Talk in Action," featuring a foster parent and youth demonstrating how to approach the discussion

In addition, the website contains links to sexual health resources for youth.

The Let's Talk about Sex With Foster Youth webpage is available on the Fostering Media Connections website:


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