• January 2014
  • Vol. 15, No. 1

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Newsletter Focuses on Family Reunification

The June 2013 issue of Practice Notes focuses on the goal of family reunification—the process of returning children in temporary out-of-home care to their families of origin. The issue also provides information to assist child welfare professionals in their efforts to safely reunite children with their parents.

The first two North Carolina-specific articles highlight the State's reunification efforts. "Reunification in North Carolina: How Are We Doing" provides data and several info graphics that show State performance and child and family outcomes in this area. "North Carolina is Changing Its Family Reunification Program" discusses why and how the State's outdated and underutilized family reunification program was restructured—namely, county agencies referred too few families to Intensive Family Reunification Services providers—and it explains the goals of the new Time-Limited Family Reunification Services approach, which was implemented on July 1, 2013.

Other articles look at:

  • The reunification process and how child welfare workers and families are involved
  • Ideas for child welfare professionals working with families that are "stuck," meaning a case plan has been developed by a family receiving involuntary services and the child welfare agency, but the plan is not being implemented, and little or no progress is being made
  • The difficulties of shared parenting during the transition to reunification and suggestions for alleviating the tension
  • North Carolina and national child welfare trainings related to reunification
  • The differing perspectives of birth and foster parents and the children who were in foster care on the issue of continued contact with resource families after reunification, including how child welfare workers can help families decide what is best for them

This issue of Practice Notes, 18(3), 2013, produced by the North Carolina Division of Social Services and the Family and Children's Resource Program, is available on the Practice Notes website:

http://www.practicenotes.org/v18n3/CSPN_v18n3.pdf (376 KB)

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