• February 2014
  • Vol. 15, No. 2

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New! From CB

The Children's Bureau website carries information on child welfare programs, funding, monitoring, training and technical assistance, laws, statistics, research, Federal reporting, and much more. The New on Site section includes grant announcements, policy announcements, agency information, and recently released publications.

Recent additions to the site include:

Additionally, the Children's Bureau announced recently that title IV-E agencies can submit proposals for new child welfare waiver demonstration projects for consideration in fiscal year 2014. February 28, 2014, is the due date for proposal submission to ensure the Bureau has time for a thorough review process, as described in Information Memorandum ACYF-CB-IM-12-05, issued May 14, 2012. Proposals must be submitted to cwwaivers@acf.hhs.gov
For information about the Children's Bureau's 100-year history, download the new e-book, The Children's Bureau Legacy: Ensuring the Right to Childhood:


Visit the Children's Bureau website often to see what's new!


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