• February 2014
  • Vol. 15, No. 2

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NRCA's Adoption Tapestry

The National Resource Center on Adoption (NRCA) is developing a project to share the stories of individuals and families who have experienced adoption in the United States. The adoption experience varies greatly from family to family, and the Adoption Tapestry project aims to share these different perspectives from families across the entire nation. The project consists of unscripted audio stories told by people who have been adopted and their families in which they share their firsthand experiences with adoption and guardianship. The stories will be collected and displayed via a map of the United States on the project's dedicated webpage on NRCA's website. The goal is to have each State represented by a personal account of an adoption experience, and NCRA will continue adding audio clips to the map throughout the year.

Through the Adoption Tapestry project, the NRCA hopes not only to share various perspectives on adoption and illustrate the diversity in adoption experiences, but also to foster community awareness of the importance of permanency, inform practice, and provide a place to raise up and preserve the voices of those touched by adoption.

Visit the NRCA's Adoption Tapestry page often to hear new audio clips as they are added:


If you would like to submit your audio story for consideration, visit the following link for additional information and instructions:


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