• April 2014
  • Vol. 15, No. 4

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Meet the Protective Factors!

A photo of a family of five dressed like superheroes draws attention to the five protective factors established by Strengthening Families and promoted via a website created by the Great Start Collaborative and Michigan Strengthening Families. The Strengthening Families Protective Factors Framework is a national research-based initiative that has identified the protective factors that help keep families strong and promote the healthy development of children.

The Meet the Protective Factors! website provides a downloadable PDF and an explanation about the importance of each of the five protective factors within the Strengthening Families framework. The protective factors include parental resilience, social connections, concrete support in times of need, knowledge of parenting and child development, and social and emotional competence of children. In addition to explaining the protective factors, the website provides tips on how families can establish and build the protective factors within their own family.

For more information, visit the What Makes Your Family Strong? Meet the Protective Factors! website:


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