• June 2014
  • Vol. 15, No. 6

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Helping Families Support LGBT Youth

Young people are identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) at much earlier ages than previous generations. In order to assist health and social services practitioners with understanding the critical role of family acceptance in contributing to the health and well-being of adolescents who identify as LGBT, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) released A Practitioner's Resource Guide: Helping Families to Support Their LGBT Children. The guide provides information about best practices for engaging and helping families and caregivers in their support of their LGBT children. The guide is divided into the following four sections:

  • Critical Role of Families in Reducing Risk & Promoting Well-Being
  • Helping Families Decrease Risk & Increase Well-Being for Their LGBT Children
  • Increasing Family Support: How to Help Right Now
  • Resources for Practitioners and Families

In addition, the guide provides information about the Family Acceptance Project, a family intervention approach that is the result of more than a decade of interactions and interventions with LGBT children and their families.

A Practitioner's Resource Guide: Helping Families to Support Their LGBT Children is available on the SAMHSA website:

http://store.samhsa.gov/shin/content//PEP14-LGBTKIDS/PEP14-LGBTKIDS.pdf (1 MB)

For more information on the Family Acceptance Project, visit:


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