• June 2014
  • Vol. 15, No. 6

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Considerations for Prospective Foster Parents

The blog TakePart recently highlighted specific considerations for readers who might be interested in becoming foster parents. Noting that foster parenting can be extremely rewarding, the author also comments on its challenges. Featuring input from experts such as Irene Clements, President of the National Foster Parent Association and foster parent of 27 years, the post addresses the training necessary for becoming a foster parent, financial matters that should be considered by potential parents, and myths about foster parenting. Additional resources also are provided.

Considerations for prospective foster parents outlined in the article include the following:

  • All States have their own, specific criteria and licensing requirements for foster parents as well as support services, such as monthly maintenance payments.
  • Foster parents may interact with a variety of individuals involved in the child's life, which may include birth parents, therapists, and/or teachers. 
  • Children in foster care may have experienced trauma, and foster parents should be prepared to provide the necessary emotional support to help children build resilience.
  • Foster placements are temporary living situations. 

"5 Ways to Know You're Ready to Be a Foster Parent," by Solvej Schou, is available on the TakePart website:


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