• July/August 2014
  • Vol. 15, No. 7

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NRCCPS' Training and Technical Assistance

The National Resource Center for Child Protective Services (NRCCPS) provides training and technical assistance (T&TA), research, and evaluation services to help States, Tribes, and territories improve their public child welfare agencies' child protection services and practices. NRCCPS aims to improve outcomes for children, youth, and families by helping the agencies enhance management and operations, improve organizational capacity, and work toward more effective and consistent practice.

NRCCPS publishes technical assistance (TA) site reports that detail its T&TA work with specific localities. One recent example is a report on NRCCPS' T&TA services for Idaho's Department of Health and Welfare. Idaho made a request for T&TA in several areas, including practice guidance for staff, a review of the current safety standards and related practice, and guidance for staff related to announced or unannounced home visits. Through a combination of onsite and offsite assistance, NRCCPS helped agency staff create a standard for consistent practice for assessing and ensuring child safety in a specific type of home visiting situation. NRCCPS also conducted workgroups that developed guidance for staff regarding when to consider making unannounced visits to families and helped create and begin to implement a plan to review and update their safety assessment tool and process.

Access the Idaho Technical Assistance Report, along with NRCCPS TA reports, logic models, and work plans from other States, Tribes, and territories, here:


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