• May/June 2001
  • Vol. 2, No. 3

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Promoting Children's Emotional Well-Being: Messages From Research

Buchanan, A.; Hudson, B. (Editors). Oxford University Press, United Kingdom. 2000. 272 pp. $45.00. Paperback.

Emotional and behavioral disorders prevent many children from reaching their full potential and continue to cause problems throughout their adult lives. Taking a "what works?" approach, leading researchers and practitioners in the fields of education, public health, socio-legal studies, and psychology share their ideas and latest research findings here. They offer strategies to improve children's lives by fostering well-being and confidence, empathy, pro-social behavior, creativity, and a sense of achievement as preventive measures for emotional and behavioral problems. Chapters cover:

  • Parenting, parent-child interaction, and children's well-being
  • A study of teenagers in Britain
  • Research and practice in parenting programs
  • Intervention programs that target parents
  • The role of schools and educators
  • Prevention of anti-social behavior

This book is from the Center for Research into Parenting and Children at Oxford University, England. The Center's mission is to develop a better understanding of the well-being of parents and children; what causes health, educational, psychological and social problems in children; and how these problems can be ameliorated.

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