• May/June 2001
  • Vol. 2, No. 3

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Adoption is a Family Affair! What Relatives and Friends Must Know

Johnston, P. I. Perspectives Press, Inc., Indianapolis, IN. 2001. 152 pp. $14.00. Paperback.

Even though nearly 20 percent of this country's population has had direct experience with adoption as a birth parent, adoptee, adoptive parent, or grandparent, the general public mostly knows about adoption from big news stories, poorly written bestsellers, and bad television. In an effort to educate the friends and family of pre-adoptive parents, and put to rest some of the urban myths surrounding the process of adoption, the author brainstormed with members of the online group Adoption Waiting Room, which she moderates for the International Council on Infertility Information Dissemination. Group members shared their experiences coping with inappropriate, impolite, and even hurtful questions or comments from people who found out that they intended to adopt. The book address such issues as:

  • Adoptive parents' private fears
  • Adoption facts vs. adoption myths
  • Preparation for the new child
  • What to expect during early childhood
  • Expanding family culture
  • Where to go to learn more

Resource lists are sprinkled throughout the book, in the sections to which they refer. Additional support groups, Internet sites, and print materials also are provided.

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