• January-February 2016
  • Vol. 16, No. 10

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Tip Sheet for Foster Parent With Transitioning Teens

Foster parents and birth families play critical roles in helping teens in foster care transition to adulthood by aiding them in developing independent living skills and strategies while they are still in care. These early years are critical to a youth's development, so it is imperative that foster families (in conjunction with birth families, when possible) use these years to ensure youth are prepared for the challenges of adulthood.

A tip sheet by the Foster Care & Adoption Resource Center provides some key strategies for foster parents to help their teens transition to adulthood, as well as information on the importance of coparenting. Tips include the following:

  • Start preparing teens as early as possible
  • Offer opportunities to make decisions
  • Increase expectations and responsibilities
  • Look for every day teachable moments
  • Celebrate successes, learn from shortcomings

Helping Teens in Care Transition to Adulthood is available on the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families' website at http://www.wiadopt.org/Portals/wiadopt/TipSheets/CaringChildrenYouth/TransitionToAdulthood.pdf (637 KB).

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