• March 2017
  • Vol. 18, No. 1

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Enhancing Evidence-Building and Documentation Skills for Program Evaluation

The National Latin@ Network, in collaboration with Latino community organizations La Paz, Trans Latina Coalition, Mujeres Latinas en Acción, Voces Latinas, and Casa de Esperanza, launched a free, online, and bilingual resource called the Building Evidence Toolkit. This toolkit was designed to help those in Latino-serving organizations in the field of domestic violence strengthen their documentation and program evaluation skills.  

The Building Evidence Toolkit is divided into four sections.

  • New to Building Evidence: Focuses on those who are new to program evaluation and provides tips on how to begin building evidence, different ways to evaluate a program, what tools to use when collecting data, and more
  • Enhancing Community Evidence: Highlights enhancing community evidence using principle-based evaluation and cultural-specific principles, as well as how to create an evaluation plan
  • Exploring Community Evidence: Focuses on the community-centered, evidence-based practice approach, which was designed to align the work of culturally specific, community-based work with community members
  • Learning Community: Includes additional resources and an "Ask the Expert" feature that allows users to submit questions about program evaluation to Latino community-based practitioners

The toolkit also contains an introductory webinar hosted by Josie Serrata, Ph.D., assistant director of research, that explains the importance of documenting evidence in a culturally sensitive manner when evaluating programs, as well as a tour of the online toolkit.

The Building Evidence Toolkit is available at http://nationallatinonetwork.org/be-toolkit-home.

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