• July/August 2017
  • Vol. 18, No. 5

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Workforce Development Planning & Assessment Toolkit

The Workforce Development Planning & Assessment Toolkit, produced by the National Child Welfare Workforce Institute, is a companion resource to the Workforce Development Framework (WDF). The toolkit applies the principles of the WDF to an agency setting and offers a comprehensive approach to creating a workforce development roadmap through the following three steps:

  • Guiding agencies through the planning process by introducing tools to systematically gather information about their current workforce strengths and gaps, as well as by assessing what influences the agency's hiring practices
  • Providing examples of strategies that help close the gap between an agency’s current workforce and the workforce needed to support its mission
  • Helping agencies put together action plans

The Workforce Development Planning & Assessment Toolkit is available at http://wdftoolkit.ncwwi.org/index.html.

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