• July/August 2001
  • Vol. 2, No. 4

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Legislative Updates

Following are short summaries of current congressional bills of interest to professionals working in child abuse and neglect, child welfare, and adoption. To learn more about any of these bills, visit Thomas, a service of the Library of Congress, at http://thomas.loc.gov.

H.R. 2146 Two Strikes and You're Out Child Protection Act. To amend Title 18 of the United States Code to provide life imprisonment for repeat offenders who commit sex offenses against children. (Introduced 6-13-01)

H.R. 1877 Child Sex Crimes Wiretapping Act of 2001. To amend title 18 United States Code to provide that certain sexual crimes against children are predicate crimes for the interception of communications, and for other purposes. (Introduced 5-16-01)

S. 518 Domestic Violence Identification and Referral Act of 2001. Amends the Public Health Service Act to give preference, in making grants or contracts under provisions relating to health professions education and provisions relating to nurse education, to certain health professions entities that train students in the identification, examination, treatment, and referral of victims of domestic violence. (Introduced 3-13-01)

S.70 National Center for Social Work Research Act. To establish the National Center as an agency of the NIH. (Introduced 1-22-01)

S.653 Responsible Fatherhood Act of 2001. To provide grants to States to encourage media campaigns to promote responsible fatherhood skills, and for other purposes. (Introduced 3-29-01)

H.R. 431. To amend the violent crime control and law enforcement act of 1994 to allow certain grant funds to be used to provide parent education. (Introduced 2-6-01)

H.R. 1391 To amend the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) to increase the authorization of appropriations for community-based family resource and support grants under the Act. (Introduced 4-4-01)

H.R. 622 Hope for Children Act. To expand the adoption tax credit. (Introduced 2-14-01)

H.R. 1371 Child Protective Services Improvement Act. To provide grants to State child welfare systems to improve quality of standards and outcomes and to authorize forgiveness of loans made to certain students who become child welfare workers. (Introduced 4-3-01)

S. 550 Indian and Alaska Native Foster and Adoption Services Amendments of 2001. To provide equitable access for foster care and adoption services for Indian children in tribal areas. (Introduced 3-15-01)

S. 484 Child Protection/Alcohol and Drug Partnership Act of 2001. To create a grant program to promote joint activities among Federal, State, and local public child welfare and alcohol and drug abuse prevention and treatment agencies. (Introduced 3-7-01)

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