• July/August 2018
  • Vol. 19, No. 6

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ZERO TO THREE Safe Babies Court Team Project Seeks to Raise Awareness

ZERO TO THREE's Safe Babies Court Teams (SBCT) project offers resources to raise awareness about  child maltreatment and the importance of permanence for infants and toddlers. The project includes a webpage featuring resources designed to connect child welfare-involved families with the support and services they need to encourage healthy child development, shorten involvement with the child welfare system, and avoid future court involvement.

The SBCT project focuses on improving how the courts, child welfare agencies, and other child-serving organizations work together to improve services for the youngest children in foster care and shorten the amount of time they are involved with the system. With SBCT, a team of professionals support child welfare-involved families with targeted services to help them learn how to promote safe parenting practices and healthy development and, hopefully, avoid further contact with the child welfare or court systems.

While families involved with the foster care system typically have formal hearings every 3 to 6 months, ZERO TO THREE points out that families and teams involved in SBCT hold hearings or family team meetings at least once a month and notes that they reach permanency faster than infants and toddlers in the foster care population.

The ZERO TO THREE resource page offers several tools, articles, and reports to promote SBCT, including the following:

  • ZERO TO THREE Guide to Implementing the Safe Babies Court Team Approach
  • The Safe Babies Court Team Approach: Informing Quality Improvement Center for Research-Based Infant-Toddler Court Teams
  • A list of SBCT staff and project sites
  • Program evaluation
  • Cross Sites 2018 meeting information
  • SBCT DVD for professionals (for purchase)

The resource page can be found on the ZERO TO THREE website at https://www.zerotothree.org/resources/services/safe-babies-court-teams.

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