• September 2018
  • Vol. 19, No. 7

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Exploring National Child Welfare Workforce Institute Tools and Resources

The National Child Welfare Workforce Institute (NCWWI) produced a webinar series called Tools of the Trade 2018 to help child welfare professionals get the most out of the resources provided on the NCWWI website. The series consists of five 45-minute webinars hosted by NCWWI staff and features the following topics:

  • Session 1: Finding the Right eResources on MyNCWWI
  • Session 2: How Supervisors, Trainers, and Faculty Can Use NCWWI Microlearnings
  • Session 3: Facilitating a Workforce Development Planning and Assessment Process
  • Session 4: Accessing Leadership Activities for Staff at All Levels
  • Session 5: Implementing Leadership Training for Supervisors and Middle Managers

Each session is accompanied by PowerPoint slides and handouts, as well as additional resources.

The webinar series is available at http://ncwwi.org/index.php/link/352-tools-of-the-trade-2018-exploring-ncwwi-tools-and-resources.

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