• May 2019
  • Vol. 20, No. 4

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Happy Trails for Kids

The Happy Trails for Kids program aims to provide children in foster care with activities and social interactions—such as outdoor adventures, mentorships, and a year-round community—that give them the opportunity to develop leadership skills and prepare for life after leaving foster care. 

Participating in camp activities and programs with other children in foster care gives campers a reprieve from the stress, loneliness, and feelings of social exclusion often reported by children in care. Additionally, many camp staff members were formerly in foster care, giving them the knowledge and experience to be role models and lifelong mentors for campers currently in care.

The Happy Trails Program includes summer and winter overnight camps, year-round activities, and programs for older youth.

To learn more about Happy Trails for Kids, visit https://www.happytrailsforkids.org/.

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