• October 2019
  • Vol. 20, No. 8

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ACEs Connection Website

The ACEs Connection website connects people, communities, organizations, and systems who use trauma-informed/resilience-building practices. The website is an information exchange that offers social networking opportunities for its more than 35,000 members. It is a place where they can help one another with implementation, share best practices, and provide inspiration. ACEs Connection also supports local adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) initiatives in neighborhoods, cities, counties, states, and nations by providing them with free community sites on the main website, guidelines on how to launch and grow local ACEs initiatives, and online tools that help local initiatives measure their progress.

The website also provides a Daily Digest and Weekly Roundup of the latest in ACEs science, trauma-informed and resilience-building news, and research and reports. Its Resources Center has ACE surveys, resilience surveys, and ACEs science presentations available to download.

To stay current on the latest in ACEs and trauma-informed science, visit https://www.acesconnectioninfo.com/.

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