• December 2019/January 2020
  • Vol. 20, No. 10

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Jefferson County Prosperity Project

Jeffco Prosperity Partners is a project dedicated to ending multigenerational cycles of poverty, lifting families into self-defined prosperity, and helping their children achieve their educational goals. This network of partners—consisting of over 60 groups and organizations that include governments, schools, businesses, faith groups, and more—has come together to create a community of wraparound services. Through this, they aim to reduce the duplication of programs and services and decrease costs.

Families usually opt in through the Head Start program. They work with coaches who define their goals using five key areas (economic support, education, social capital, health and wellness, and employment) and who guide the families until their youngest child graduates from high school. The coaches use a holistic approach and personalized, flexible plans that account for families' unique challenges and needs.

Learn more about how Jeffco Prosperity Partners is working toward creating self-sufficient families at https://www.jeffco.us/2716/Jeffco-Prosperity-Partners


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