• October 2020
  • Vol. 21, No. 7

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National Center for State Courts Issues Resolution for Racial Equality

The National Center for State Courts (NCSC) issued a resolution on racial equality that emphasizes NCSC's commitment to treating every individual with the respect and equality they deserve from the judicial system.

NCSC has made a commitment to the following resolutions:

  • Identify and address unconscious bias and facilitate the uncomfortable conversations that arise from the recognition of such bias
  • Diminish the extent to which pretrial release depends on a defendant's ability to pay
  • Develop evidence-based practices in sentencing and throughout the criminal justice process
  • Establish proportionate sanctions for the failure to pay fines and fees for those who willfully fail to pay, and to prevent sanctions from being imposed on those who are financially unable to pay
  • Collect, maintain, and report court data regarding race and ethnicity that enables courts to identify and remedy racial disparities
  • Develop career pathways to improve the racial and ethnic diversity of the bench, law clerks, and court staff, as well as the legal community
  • Engage in conversations with communities of color, so courts can hear about and understand the challenges faced by such communities

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