• March 2021
  • Vol. 22, No. 3

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New Training Program for Foster and Adoptive Parents

The National Training and Development Curriculum (NTDC) is a new training program for foster and adoptive parents. The curriculum provides potential foster and adoptive parents with information and strategies for parenting a child who has experienced trauma, separation, or loss. It also provides parents with access to information and resources postplacement.

The program, which was funded by the Children's Bureau, is based on research and input from experts, families who have experience with fostering or adopting children, and children who have experienced foster care or adoption.

There are three components of the NTDC program:

  • Self-assessment: An online tool that prospective foster and adoptive parents complete twice
  • Classroom-based training: Training in both in-person and online settings¬†
  • Right-time training: On-going learning and skill development of themes not covered during classroom-based training that parents can utilize after a child is placed in their home

For more information, visit the NTDC website.


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