• March 2022
  • Vol. 23, No. 2

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Protective Factors for Domestic Violence and Child Maltreatment Survivors

A recent Digital Dialog from the Children's Bureau Learning and Coordination Center focuses on the following five protective factors that may help to mitigate co-occurring domestic violence and child maltreatment and how they are related to the Strengthening Families Protective Factors Framework:

  • Social, cultural, and spiritual connections  
  • Safer and more stable conditions   
  • Nurturing parent-child interactions  
  • Resilience and growth mindset  
  • Social and emotional abilities  
The discussion also delves into strategies for how to build protective factors in all domains (the systems/societal, institutional, interpersonal, and individual levels) and new resources for child welfare agencies and service providers as well as adult and child survivors of abuse.
To learn more, listen to "Protective Factors for Domestic Violence Survivors: A Pathway to More Opportunities."

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