• June 2022
  • Vol. 23, No. 5

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Moms Matter: Encouraging Moms to Reach Their Reunification Goals

Moms Matter, a webpage produced by Fostering Great Ideas, provides resources and information for mothers working toward reunification with their children. The page presents a video from the perspective of a mother working to reunite with her children, access to a peer-led support groups and online communities, and referrals to local resources. Moms Matter uses a peer-to-peer approach, utilizing group discussions and certified peer-support specialists to help mothers progress through their treatment plans by breaking them into small, manageable tasks as well as working on skills development. 

The webpage also includes information about a 13-week curriculum, Elevate U, to help mothers work on their parenting and life skills and recovery from any addiction issues and trauma. According to the Moms Matter page, 90 percent of children with mothers in the program reunify each year compared with 49 percent in the general population. 

Explore the Moms Matter webpage for more information.

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