• February/March 2002
  • Vol. 3, No. 2

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Speaking for America's Children

Children's basic needs are universal, but the strategies to meet those needs will vary from State to State and even locality to locality. That was the overall conclusion reached by the National Association of Child Advocates from a survey of 62 State and community-based child advocacy organizations.

NACA published its survey findings in Speaking for America's Children: Child Advocates Identify Children's Issues and 2002 State Priorities.

NACA spoke to the leaders of 62 State and community-based child advocacy organizations. Respondents from more than a dozen states said that efforts related to child maltreatment and child welfare are among their priorities for 2002.

Three topics emerged as overarching issues affecting children: economic security, readiness to learn, and child care.

To read or download the complete report in PDF format visit http://www.voicesforamericaschildren.org/Content/ContentGroups/ Publications1/Voices_for_Americas_Children/Advocacy/20013/pv.pdf.

To learn more about NACA, contact:

National Association of Child Advocates
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Washington, DC 20005
Phone: 202-289-0777
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Website: http://www.childadvocacy.org
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